Romantic Stay

How about a romantic weekend away in an exceptional setting?

Enjoy a romantic stay in the Louron Valley (Hautes-Pyrénées 65)

The Auberge de Germ invites you to recharge your batteries as a couple for a weekend or more, with a romantic getaway! What could be better than a privileged natural environment, a romantic meal and a hotel room with a magnificent view of the Pyrenean mountains to spend a unique moment together? the 2 of you!

About your romantic stay :
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    Séjour Romantique en Vallée du Louron (65), Lac de Nuit
    Chambre d'hôtel avec vue montagne, romantique, Vallée du Louron (65)

    Mountain view hotel in the Louron valley (65)

    At Germ’s Inn, for all lovers, we recommend our double rooms, with a 140cm bed for greater closeness, or a 180cm bed for greater comfort.

    • Our “CAILLAUAS” room is spacious and bright, with a charming panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. From the 160cm bed, you can admire the imposing summit of the AZET pass in the Aure region (Louron Valley),
    • Our “HOURGADE” room, with its small terrace overlooking the babbling brook, lets you enjoy the morning sunshine. Equipped with a 160cm bed, this room will be much appreciated by those for whom the rustle of water brings a feeling of well-being!
    • Our “ISCLOTS” room is smaller, but cocooning and luminous, allowing you to observe nature and the nearby summits from your 140 cm bed.

    Romantic meal near Loudenvielle (Germ)

    As far as your taste buds are concerned, we can cater for all diets and appetites, although our portions are rather generous.

    In winter, you may prefer the warm, romantic ambience of a fireside table, or the magic of thick, swirling snowflakes against the backdrop of white mountains.

    When the mild spring weather returns, or during the summer season, you’re sure to choose the freshness of our two terraces : on the stream side, the air stirred by the small waterfall is often cooler, while the evenings are gentler on the wooden terrace, where the stone walls radiate all their warmth.

    Restaurant romantique, repas en amoureux près du feu, Loudenvielle Germ (65)
    Séjour romantique en amoureux à Balnéa, Loudenvielle (65)

    Romantic activities in the Louron valley

    Our Auberge is located in the heart of Hautes-Pyrénées in a magnificently well-preserved setting. Our beautiful Louron Valley and its 15 surrounding villages promise to provide you with pleasant moments of discovery of the Pyrenean heritage.

    In the center of the valley, the Lac de Génos-Loudenvielle reflects the mountains that surround it.

    What could be more romantic than strolling hand in hand through the narrow streets typical of mountain villages? After this rejuvenating stroll, you can’t help but succumb to the enveloping warmth of the BALNEA baths, which will transport you to the top of wellness through a journey to the land of zenitude.

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