Nature and Wellness stay

Take a breather... relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Louron Valley!

Enjoy a nature & wellness break in the Louron Valley (Hautes-Pyrénées 65)

Come and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Germ’s Inn. You’ll find everything you need to recharge your batteries, relax and pamper yourself. As soon as you wake up, let yourself be intoxicated by the beauty of the panoramas you can contemplate from the window of your hotel room or from one of the terraces of our restaurant. Let yourself be carried away by our passionate, healthy and tasty homemade cooking, and take advantage of the many activities available in the Louron valley, to relax, de-stress and discover the beauty of the lush green environment that surrounds you!

About your wellness experience :
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    Séjour Romantique en Vallée du Louron (65), Lac de Nuit
    Chambre d'hôtel avec vue montagne, romantique, Vallée du Louron (65)

    Relaxing hotel room with mountain view in the Louron valley (65)

    Some of our rooms offer relaxing views of the surrounding peaks. From your bed (Caillauas or Isclots rooms), you can contemplate the majestic summit of the Col d’Azet in the Aure region of the Louron valley.

    The “Hourgade” room lets you enjoy the gentle morning sunshine from its little fir-lined terrace overlooking the babbling brook. This room will be much appreciated by those for whom the rustle of water brings a feeling of relaxation.

    You’ll be as close to nature as possible as you fall asleep with the window open, enjoying the freshness of the stream…

    And don’t forget the magnificent panoramic views that surround you, inviting you to take a deep breath of the pure Pyrenean mountain air!

    Tasty, healthy cuisine in our restaurant near Loudenvielle (65)

    Because feeling good in body and mind also means “eating well and eating healthy”, Chef Christophe concocts varied, balanced menus every day, based on fresh, local produce.

    The cuisine here is tasty and flavoursome, with Basque and mountain accents, and for our vegan friends, the chef will create a dish to suit your preferences, with a focus on vegetables and fruit. All in a calm, picturesque setting.

    Our dining room features large, light-filled bay windows with unobstructed mountain views.

    The inn also boasts 2 terraces, one on the east side, by the stream, and the other on the south side, facing the peaks. In summer, the east-facing terrace is particularly popular, as the air stirred by the small waterfall is often cooler.

    Late evenings are gentler on the south-facing wooden terrace, where the stone walls radiate warmth and you can enjoy a delicious cocktail prepared by our inventive young barman.

    Piquillos farcis au thon, chiffonnade de chorizo ibérique, restaurant à Germ
    Séjour romantique en amoureux à Balnéa, Loudenvielle (65)

    Wellness and nature activities in the Louron valley

    If you dream of serenity, you’ll find a wide choice of activities in the valley designed to relieve stress and improve your physical, mental and emotional wellness!

    For your general well-being, the surrounding mountains offer a multitude of outdoor sporting activities.

    The hostel is located on the GR10 hiking trail, a 922 km long signposted route that takes you across the Pyrenees. Discover the local flora and fauna, and reconnect with nature!

    The Néouvielle nature reserve (30min by car) offers an array of Pyrenean wonders: a landscape of granite massifs and ridges. The environment here is magical: lakes, waterfalls, peaks and lush vegetation, century-old hooked pines, whistling marmots and bellowing stags make for a fabulous getaway.

    And for the ultimate in relaxation, we recommend Balnea, the first sulphur water relaxation complex in the French Pyrenees, surrounded by mountains for total rejuvenation. Discover the immemorial virtues of water. Enjoy panoramic outdoor pools overlooking the valley and Pyrenean peaks.

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